So your ready to start staking some of your tokens at Value DeFi but confused about where to put them. There’s currently 3 options, Staking Pools, Governance Vault or the Value Vaults.

Staking Pools

With the staking pools you stake your tokens and you get rewards in VALUE. How much VALUE you are rewarded depends on how many people are staking in the pool.

For example a pool might pay 30,000 VALUE per epoch. These tokens will be divided among all stakers, so if the amount being staked in the pool is low, the APR or rewards will be high and vice versa.

That’s why you can get some great returns if your into a pool early when fewer people are staking.

See how to provide Liquidity and receive VLP tokens you can then use to farm value

Governance Vault

If you have VALUE and just want to stake and forget this is the pool for you. Funds in the GOV vault are used to get the best yields by farming other protocols. Stakers in the GOV vault also receive 6.7% of profits from VAULTS.

The GOV vault also rewards user vUSD and vETH that will be used as the Value ecosystem develops.

More on the Governance Vault here

VALUE Vaults

The Value Vaults are  the most advanced yield-farming aggregators and strategy deployers available today in the DeFi space.

You stake your tokens here and the yield farming is done for you using one of the Value DeFi farming strategies.

Instead of regularly looking for the best yield on your token, stake your tokens in the VALUE vaults and the work will be done for you. Best of all, you only have to stake once, our strategy will then find the best yields for you. And you don’t have to pay a fee when you exit. (YFI currently charges 0.5% for the same service)

If you where doing this yourself you’d have to pay to stake and unstake every time you found somewhere that gave a better return. These costs can make yield farming on your own not worth your while.

Returns are paid in both the token you have staked and also the native token VALUE.

VALUE Vaults Explained

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