UI Issue with Governance Vault v1

There is currently an issue with VALUE DeFi Governance Vault.

The team are aware of the 0 VALUE reward bug. Please don’t claim/exit your staked YFV from gov vault now. The team are investigating the issue.

Your VALUE is not gone. It’s a UI bug, it will be handled soon.

If you have already claimed your rewards (or exited) and got 0 VALUE, you will get the VALUE rewards automatically airdropped to your address.

Airdrops will take place on Wednesday October 14th 2020.

Don’t worry nothing is lost and you don’t have to do anything else.

Value DeFi Launches new Governance Vault

The much awaited Governance Vault (V2) from Value DeFi has now been launched. Its a huge leap forward from the previous vault and all other vaults in the DeFi space.

Most importantly, a full audit by both Arcadia and Quantstamp is under way, to ensure your funds are safe and secure.

Governance Vault v2 Features:

  • Auto-Compounding – You no longer need to claim and restake your rewards, these will be automatically be added to your stake. You now get interest on your rewards as well!
  • Lock & Boost – Lock your funds for a longer period and get a boost on your rewards.
  • Collective Farming Strategies – The Gov Vault will utilize all deposited funds for farming/lending strategies across crypto using state-of-the-art farming innovation
  • 6.8% of profits from Value Vault strategies will be used to buy VALUE and distributed to Gov Vault stakers
  • 0.5% of Exchange fees from Value Liquid Exchange distributed to Gov Vault Stakers
  • Voting power – As a member of the GOV vault you have the power to vote on important decisions and set the direction of the protocol.
  • No Fees – Unlike other Vault providers there will be no fees to stake or unstake your tokens from the vault.

The Value DeFi protocol has created a stake and forget system, giving you the best rewards in crypto!

Go to https://valuedefi.io/ to stake your YFV or Value now.

Need help on staking?See our staking guide


The previous GOV Vault V1 is no longer paying rewards. Anyone staking in this vault should now use the transfer button to move your funds to the new vault or unstake and claim your rewards. See more about the YFV to Value migration

YFV.Finance Rebranded to Value DeFi Protocol

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From the innovative spirit from both the developers and the community, the protocol has expanded beyond simple yield farming to offering a suite of products to cover the full DeFi spectrum.

As such, while the team have achieved no insignificant status as a successful YFI fork, the team have decided it is time to move beyond the connotations and trappings of “YFValue”.

Today (6th October 2020), YFValue Protocol will rebrand to:

Value DeFi Protocol

Bringing True Value to DeFi

While the legacy website https://yfv.finance will still be accessible, the official community links of Value DeFi Protocol going forward are:

Website: https://valuedefi.io

Where to buy/swap YFV/Value

Want to get your hands on some YFV or Value tokens. See the Uniswap links below.

Remember YFV is transitioning to VALUE, there is no need to be concerned if you are holding either of these tokens?

See more about the YFV to VALUE migration


Uniswap – Swap on Uniswap for USDT

Buy Value

Uniswap – Swap USDT for YALUE

Swap YFV for Value

If there’s no liquidity to swap using the onsite wrap function, its still possible to swap YFV for VALUE at Uniswap.

Please Note: You can currently only stake YFV in the Governance vault. Value will be accepted in the near future.

Got your tokens? See our staking guide

Contract addresses for YFV, Value, vUSD, vETH

The new pools have started to pay out the new tokens Value, vUSD, vETH as rewards. Please see the contract addresess for these tokens below:


Value: https://etherscan.io/address/0x49e833337ece7afe375e44f4e3e8481029218e5c

vUSD: https://etherscan.io/address/0x1B8E12F839BD4e73A47adDF76cF7F0097d74c14C

vETH: https://etherscan.io/address/0x76A034e76Aa835363056dd418611E4f81870f16e

Cant see the tokens you’ve claimed in your wallet?

Your wallet, e.g. Metamask may not yet know what the name of these new tokens are yet, so you need to tell it.

For Metamask, just select ‘Add token’ and enter one of the addresses above.

You will then see the balance appear in your wallet.

Staking Pool V2 – Rewards have now stopped

Update: Rewards for this pool have now closed. You should unstake and claim your rewards. Remember Value, vUSD, vETH will be returned to your wallet, if you cant see them ensure you have added the new token addresses.


Users staking in this pool can unstake and claim all back to their wallets or ‘exit and stake to Governance vault’

The pool is still available on the http://yfv.finance however this may be moved to the legacy page in the near future.

YFV Legacy Pools Close on October 1st 2020


Why are my rewards from the Legacy pools gone?

The team drained all the rewards that were left unclaimed in the old legacy pools. Due to people staying in the pools, these pools kept running and minted and emitted 1% of the normal emission. Closing the pools would mean all funds were unable to be withdrawed. The team had found a way to solve this by draining the rewards and no longer letting the legacy pools to be able to mint. This was done to allow them to leave the pools open past the original oct 1 cutoff (therefore the 1 october withdraw deadline is no longer needed).

Now nobody will be at risk of losing their liquidity because they accidentally didn’t claim it before that date. This was a good move, but it required them to remove all YFV from the pools and move it to the insurance fund (which is under control of multisig).

Those rewards should be claimable – you rightly earned them. They will be airdropped back to your wallet at a later date. (TBA) So you wont have to pas gas fees to claim!

— End of Update —

The pools that opened when YFV launched have now stopped paying rewards. If you are staking in any of the legacy pools (see screenshot below) you should now go to the YFV site and click on the ‘Legacy’ link, you should see all the old legacy pools here.

Most of the legacy staking pools now have a new pool set up, if this is the case then you should see an option to ‘Transfer to farm new VALUE pool’. If this option is not available then you should unstake and claim your rewards.

You have until October 1st 2020 to claim your rewards, after this date you risk losing all funds in the pools.

Quick Unstaking Guide

  1. Go to https://yfv.finance/
  2. Click on ‘Legacy Pools’ at top of page
  3. Click Exit
  4. Click Exit Claim and Unfarm all’
  5. Funds go back to your wallet
  6. Go back and stake in the new pools

If your in any of the pools below, its time to unstake and claim your rewards.