What happened to YFV.Finance?

As the YFV protocol has moved beyond simple yield farming to offering a suite of products to cover the full DeFi spectrum, a full rebrand was carried out https://yfv.finance now redirects to https://ValueDefi.io.

The brand is now know as Value DeFi Protocol.

Is VALUE the same as YFV?

The simple answer is Yes, YFV is transitioning to a new token called VALUE. More details on YFV/VALUE migration

What is the total supply of YFV + Value?

When all Value has been minted the total supply of YFV/VALUE combined will be 6.4 million. This target will be reached in April 2021. No further tokens will be minted.

What are vaults? What’s the difference between Governance Vault and Value Vaults?

Vaults are somewhere you can stake your tokens and earn rewards. Funds in the Vaults are used to generate income for holders using various strategies. More on vaults here >

What does TVL mean?

Total Value Locked. It represents the dollar value of all the tokens locked(staked) in the smart contract.

What does Circulating Supply and Current Total Supply mean?

Circulating supply is all those tokens that are not yet locked up in a smart contract. This will include coins in wallets and exchanges. Current total supply is the total number of coins have have been minted.

Will Vaults still pay Value in rewards when all Value has been farmed?

Yes, Using profits from Vault strategies Value will be bought off the market in order to reward stakers.

Where can I buy/swap Value?

VALUE has been listed on the Bithumb Global and Huobi Global exchanges. Swaps are currently available from Uniswap with USDT.

Also, you can start to use VALUE Liquid to swap your ETH/WETH/DAI to Value. More swaps coming very soon: https://valueliquid.io/#/swap

What is vUSD and vETH?

vUSD and vETH will be used in the whole ecosystem, in the subsequent step of the road map, to set up Vaults, pay rewards, stake etc. See our article that explains in more detail.


Its a decentralises exchange that allows you to buy crypto currencies and a lot more. More info >

How do I farm the Value pools?

The majority of the pools are now open to Value Liquid liquidity providers only. When you provide liquidity you receive Value Liquidity Pool (VLP) tokens. You can use these to stake and receive Value rewards. More info >>

Why don’t my coins show up in the wrap function?

Press Shift + F5

Developers have implemented a timelock, what does this mean?

The developers will make any changes they plan to implement public prior to them going live. The timelock delays any changes the devs implement for 24 hours allowing all users to review the changes, check if malicious, and then remove their funds, if they aren’t happy before changes occur.

Staking FAQ’s

Why should I stake?

If you are holding Value in a wallet or an exchange. You are not earning any interest/rewards. If you choose to stake, you can still hold onto your tokens but also earn up to 1% interest per day on them. Check out the latest rates at https://ValueDefi.io.

When staking, Is there a minimum stake?

NO – But if you stake just one Value then it might cost $20 in gas fees to stake your token so not worth your while. See more in our staking guide.

I’m getting an error when trying to stake?

  • Ensure you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover staking costs
  • Remove decimal places from the amount you want to stake

I’m getting an error when using trust wallet?

There seems to be an issue with trust wallet, try metamask.

Transaction is taking too long?

How long a transaction takes will depend on the gas price selected and how busy the Ethereum network is. To ensure the transactions goes through quickly, opt for the fastest gas fees (quicker if you add even more gas!

I’ve claimed my rewards but I cant see them in my wallet?

You need to ensure you have added the token contract address to your wallet.

What is gvValue token?

When you stake in the Governance Vault your Value tokens are converted to gvValue. This allows the auto-compound feature to work. Lets look at an example.

At the start of Gov Vault v2; 1 VALUE was equal to 1 gvVALUE (1:1).

gvVALUE is the backend chain for the compounding rewards. As time continues gvVALUE continues to become more valuable from the compounding rewards.

So lets say at day 10, 1gvVALUE is worth 1.0001 VALUE. That means anyone who got in at the start will now have an additional 0.0001 profit/VALUE extra on top of their normal emissions.

Everyday the gvVALUE grows more valuable, so if you were to join the staking pool now, the ratio is slightly less than 1:1, but you still gain the compounding rewards overtime from this point. At the 10 day used above, that ratio would be 1 VALUE to every 0.9999 gvVALUE. That ratio will continue to spread as more rewards compound.

gvVALUE will continue to slowly grow more valuable than VALUE overtime, which is the compounding rewards. Depending on what point you enter the Gov Vault will determine the amount of gvVALUE you get, and when you leave it will determine how much VALUE you get back out.