First time using a decentralised exchange? It’s simple, lets do our first swap!

  1. Go to Value Liquid –
  2. Select what tokens you want to swap. Here I am swapping some Value to DAI. When you have finalised the tokens you want to swap and the amount. Click Approve.

3. If this is your first time swapping Value on the liquid exchange you will be asked to approve the spend in your wallet. There will be a small gas fee associated with this transaction. Click the confirm button.

After clicking confirm, this transaction will be processed on the etherum network.

4. When your transaction has confirmed you’ll now see the swap button:

5. After clicking swap you’ll see a confirm swap screen, click ‘Confirm Swap’.

6. Finally confirm the transaction in your metamask wallet:

7. Thats its! After the transaction has been processed the swapped token(in this case DAI) will be sent to your wallet.


Every transaction on the ethereum network requires a gas fee, this will change depending on how busy the network is. Do your swaps when gas fees are low. Check out gas fees here

Cant see the swapped token in your wallet – Add the token to metamask