The much awaited Governance Vault (V2) from Value DeFi has now been launched. Its a huge leap forward from the previous vault and all other vaults in the DeFi space.

Most importantly, a full audit by both Arcadia and Quantstamp is under way, to ensure your funds are safe and secure.

Governance Vault v2 Features:

  • Auto-Compounding – You no longer need to claim and restake your rewards, these will be automatically be added to your stake. You now get interest on your rewards as well!
  • Lock & Boost – Lock your funds for a longer period and get a boost on your rewards.
  • Collective Farming Strategies – The Gov Vault will utilize all deposited funds for farming/lending strategies across crypto using state-of-the-art farming innovation
  • 6.8% of profits from Value Vault strategies will be used to buy VALUE and distributed to Gov Vault stakers
  • 0.5% of Exchange fees from Value Liquid Exchange distributed to Gov Vault Stakers
  • Voting power – As a member of the GOV vault you have the power to vote on important decisions and set the direction of the protocol.
  • No Fees – Unlike other Vault providers there will be no fees to stake or unstake your tokens from the vault.

The Value DeFi protocol has created a stake and forget system, giving you the best rewards in crypto!

Go to to stake your YFV or Value now.

Need help on staking?See our staking guide


The previous GOV Vault V1 is no longer paying rewards. Anyone staking in this vault should now use the transfer button to move your funds to the new vault or unstake and claim your rewards. See more about the YFV to Value migration