So you’ve heard all about DeFi and now want to start staking, lets get started. Staking at Value DeFi offers some great rewards.

What is staking?

In the centralised world, instead of keeping your money under the mattress you can put your money in the bank and earn some interest on it.

Banks use your money to provide loans, mortgages etc to other customers and among other things, use the combined savings of all their customers to further invest and provide a yield to their shareholders. Giving whatever is left back to you the saver.

Decentralised Finance or DeFi now gives holders of cryptocurrency the ability to earn interest on crypto currency tokens such as VALUE.

Instead of holding your tokens in a wallet or exchange you now have the opportunity to stake your tokens and earn interest rates never seen before at centralised banks.

VALUE provides between 0.1% and 3% every day on your tokens, that’s over 200% APR. Take a look at the current rates for the VALUE pools.

Ready to start staking ? Here’s our quick start guide