Sometimes when a token is sent to your wallet address you may not see the tokens in your wallet. Not to worry, you just need to let Metamask know the contract address and it will update the UI and display any available tokens.

The VALUE ecosystem uses the following tokens, if you cant see any of them in your wallet, copy the addresses below and use the following process to add the token.

YFV: 0x45f24BaEef268BB6d63AEe5129015d69702BCDfa

Value: 0x49E833337ECe7aFE375e44F4E3e8481029218E5c

vUSD: 0x1B8E12F839BD4e73A47adDF76cF7F0097d74c14C

vETH: 0x76A034e76Aa835363056dd418611E4f81870f16e

Add a token to metamask

To add a token, open your metamask wallet and scroll to the bottom of the screen, you should see a button to ‘Add Token’

Select the custom token option and paste the token contract address into the box as shown:

Click Next, and then on the final screen below click ‘Add Tokens’.

Thats it, you should now see your tokens for this contract address in your metamask wallet.

If you’ve successfully transferred your tokens to your wallet and want to stake, see our beginners staking guide