Before staking you need to first ensure you have a wallet with some ethereum on there. ($20 should be enough). ETH is needed to pay all gas fees on the network. More info on getting a wallet here.

You’ll also need to make sure that the Value token is in your wallet. If your Value is still on an exchange you will need to send it your wallet address.

If you don’t yet have any Value or ETH you need to purchase from an exchange or swap at the Value Liquid Exchange.

Ready to stake?

This example allows users to stake their Value in the Governance Vault V2.

1. Go to the staking page for VALUE, click on Governance Value V2

Find out more about the Governance vault.

2. Click the ‘Stake’ link.

3. Enter the amount of Value you want to stake and then click the ‘Stake’ button

4. Accept the transaction in your wallet

You should get a pop-up from your wallet to allow the site access to Value in your wallet. (approx $1.00 in fees)

5. You will then be asked to confirm a second transaction, this stakes your Value – Confirm this transaction in your wallet. (about $10)

Gas fees can change depending on how busy the ETH network is

That’s it, when the transaction is confirmed just refresh the page and you should see you coins under ‘Currently Staked’.

Remember rewards are earned every second of every day, and if you wish you can remove your tokens at any time. (after the initial 40 hour of staking).

You can visit the Value DeFi site at any time, go the pool or vault you’ve invested in and claim your rewards or unstake your YFV at any time.

Common Questions

Can I unstake my Value once staked?

Yes, at any time after staking you can unstake you coins by using the ‘Unstake’ button. You should note that a 1.5% fee will be charged if you unstake within 40 hours of first staking. After this period you can unstake for free at any time. Remember all transactions on the ethereum network require a gas fee, there will be a gas fee to unstake. (Approx $10 at regular gas)

Is there a minimum amount I can stake?

No, you can stake as much as you want, but remember gas fees to stake will be approx $20 and unstaking another $10. So unless you stake enough that the rewards cover these fees, it will not be worth your while.

What are the benefits of staking?

If you are holding Value in a wallet or an exchange. You are not earning any interest/rewards. If you choose to stake, you can still hold onto your VALUE tokens but also earn up to 2% interest per day on them. See our information on the Governance Vault also Check out the latest rates on Value DeFi.

More questions? Please visit the FAQ section.